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Picture of Queen - Greatest hits 2

Peggy Lee - The Way You Look Tonight CD

Documents (2002)

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14,00 лв (BGN)

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20 Tracks
1 Shady Lady Bird
2 How Deep Is The Ocean?
3 Let's Do It
4 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
5 Somebody Nobody Loves
6 How Long Has This Been Going On?
7 That Did It, Marie
8 Winter Weather
9 Ev'rything I Love
10 Not Mine
11 Not A Care In The World
12 Blues In The Night
13 Where Or When
14 The Way You Look Tonight
15 I Threw A Kiss In The Ocean
16 We'll Meet Again
17 Full Moon
18 There Won't Be A Shortage Of Love
19 You're Easy To Dance With
20 All I Need Is You

Sound Stereo
Format CD
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